Cat Boarding

Choose from 48 large multi level suites for your cat to enjoy while you’re away. 

Cat Boarding

Our cat guests enjoy secure, spacious suites with 24/7 access to food, water, soft bedding, and litter boxes. The play area offers a view of the outdoors, complete with cat trees, scratching posts, and more.

Choose from 48 multi-level suites for active cats, designed for both play and comfort. We even have options for inseparable cat pairs or pet groups.

For seniors or less agile cats, our cozy bungalows are a perfect fit. Our dedicated play area is designed for endless entertainment, and our staff caters to every feline’s preferences for solo playtime or socializing with friends.

Boarding Pricing

Cat Boarding

  • $30.00/night - double suite
  • $38.00/night - deluxe suite
  • $18.00/night per additional cat
  • +$2.00/night - Holiday Rate
  • 48 multi-level suites available
  • Boarding available for inseparable pairs
  • 24/7 access to food and water

Come prepared to your appointment.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to our commonly asked questions.  

Cat Boarding FAQ

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